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  • AM4515T8 Dino-Lite Edge 800x
  • Sensor : Color CMOS
  • Interface : USB 2.0
  • Product Resolution : 1.3M pixels (SXGA)
  • Magnification Rate : 700x~900x

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AM4515T8 Dino-Lite Edge 800x






Frame rate

Up to 30fps


The Dino-Lite AM4515T8 Edge series handheld microscope features high magnification (700x~900x), improved optics for sharper images, and Automatic Magnification Reading (AMR) for easy measurement.

The specialized software bundled with this product (DinoCapture 2.0) allows users to calibrate the microscope, capture & annotate images, measure image features, and record video. With the Automatic Magnification Reading (AMR) feature, measuring image features becomes as easy as point-and-click.

The AM4515T8 can be used on its own as a handheld device or secured in place with a microscope stand. For tabletop usage. To learn more, visit the RK-10 product information page under the Accessories product category on this website.


  • Up to 900X magnification
    • With up to 900x magnification and high-resolution optics, this Edge series model reveals details smaller than 1.5 µm while delivering superior image quality.
  • PC Compatible
    • This Dino-Lite Edge series microscope connects to the USB 2.0 port on any compatible Windows PC. Once connected, users can easily record, manage, and share their observations using our proprietary software (DinoCapture 2.0).
  • Automatic Magnification Reading (AMR)
    • With this feature built into the microscope, our proprietary software will automatically detect and display the magnification readings in real-time, and store the magnification within each captured image.
  • Fine Focus Dial
    • This specially designed dial improves the user experience associated with making fine focus adjustments under high magnification.
  • MicroTouch shutter button
    • Take picture-perfect photos quickly and conveniently with the MicroTouch shutter button.
  • Adaptable cap design
    • This model features a detachable and interchangeable front cap that extends its range of use, as different caps are available for various applications.






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