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imRN คือบริษัทขายส่ง อุปกรณ์ Machine Vision ประกอบด้วย กล้อง: Basler Camera, IDS uEye, Sentech, Toshiba Teli, E2V, Hikvision, Dalsa, Flir, Baumer, Artray, | เลนส์: Computar, Moritex, Kowa, Azure, Fujinon, Ricoh, Goyo, Optart, Tamron, Myutron, Opto Engineering, Navitar, Mvotem, Pomeas, Midopt, Optotune | lighting: TMS, CCS, 3AM, Nerlite Microscan, Komco, OPTMV | FrameGrabber & IO card: Bitflow, Euresys, Intel, Ni, Advantech, Adlink | ซอฟต์แวร์: Ni Labview Vision Builder, VBAI, Cognex VisionPro, Euresys, Developer&Runtime License | คอมพิวเตอร์: Adlink, Advantech, Neousys | Basler Camera

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  • 1.3 Megapixels
  • Adaptable interface
  • Wide Field of View (WFOV)
  • Flexible LED Control (FLC)
  • Adjustable polarizer
  • Scroll Lock
  • Interchangeable caps

Download:   AF4115ZTW

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